Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favourite Eyebrow Makeups

When it comes to the most important face feature, eyebrows are definitely the first thing that comes to my mind. Different shapes, colours and opaqueness makes a huge difference on your face. 

Ever since I started to know about the importance of the eyebrows on a face, I drew it everyday if I have to leave my house. So this post mainly is to share about my experiences and opinions on different eyebrow make ups that I'd used before.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review: Étude house Play 101 Pencil (#15)

I'm always doing a super long review on products, so I decided to make a short and simple one this time.

Recently just got myself in hand the Etude House Play 101 Pencil which can be used in 101 ways with one pencil (they said). This time, I picked the one which can be used as eyeliner, blusher and lip colour.

Colour code: #15.

This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Gimme Your Bra" Campaign | Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

Up till today, everyone has to know the importance of taking care of our own breast no matter you're a female or a male. Of course, female tend to have a higher chance to get breast cancer. If you don't know what on earth is a breast cancer, please Google it to improve your freaking knowledge. :)

For those who may not know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And I'm definitely participating any campaign which was related to help out to any victims of breast cancer out there because breast cancer is scary! (And also it's represented by PINK, my favourite colour! XD)

Prior to that, HiShop is collaborating with Uplift Malaysia to run the “Gimme Your Bra” campaign by setting up a collection center to receive unused bras from you, starting from 29th of September 2014 to 7th of November 2014.

What is "Gimme Your Bra" Campaign?

HiShop will be collecting second-hand bras, either used or new, which will then be donated to women in less economically developed countries (LEDC) through verified non-governmental organizations (NGO).

Collected bras will be donated to women in need who will then sell them to earn a living. In certain communities like in India, selling these bras can earn them 3 to 5 times of minimum wage. Aside from that, bras are considered a luxury and not a necessity in disadvantaged communities. In other words, donated bras also give dignity and empower women/girls in communities.

Who is Uplift Malaysia?

Uplift Project is a volunteer group founded in Australia who ships second-hand bras and coordinates their distribution to underprivileged women all around the Asia-Pacific region. Uplift Malaysia is an organization founded in February 2014 by Nicole Lee, acting as an official co-ordinator for the Uplift Project based in Australia.

How to Participate?

All you have to do is to donate brand new or your used bras to the address below:

HiShop Malaysia
22-3 Jalan PJU 8/5G
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

Upon submitting your parcel, do include your email address because HiShop will be giving you RM20 cash voucher (with minimum purchase of RM99)!

Also, spread the news to your families, friends, colleagues and the world in your Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so that more people will aware about this campaign (like how Ice Bucket Challenge does)!! Don’t forget to #HiShopMy & #GimmeYourBra as well!

In case you asked if I'm joining or not, YES! I will be sending my bra into my old HiShop box for them next week! Let me know if you're participating this campaign as well! :D

For more information, kindly visit http://hilife.hishop.my/gimme-your-bra/

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Life before I end my 2014 (Part 1)

It's October now. Man that was fast! Some people have already start preparing what to do on the coming Christmas eve and day, while my memory on my last year's Christmas party still remain fresh! Anyone has the same feeling too??!

Well, my last blog post update was still in September. The reason is I was preparing for my Internship for the past week, plus enjoy my last few days before a new life starts!

At the beginning of the year I was like "Wow internship... sounds scary, but still long way to go", and BAM! I'm now an intern a.k.a a partially office lady. Buying outfits from a different sections in every stores where I never went to see before is kinda weird and tiring!

Everyone of you definitely be like "How was your internship?"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Plump Up Your Lips Naturally

We all want beautiful, plump kissable lips right? Of course we do, unfortunately we don’t all have the resources or, to be honest the desire to pay for costly fillers or injections. The dreaded “trout pout” is something which must be avoided at all costs but there are some easy, natural ways to plump up your lips giving them extra fullness with no pain, little or no expense and no risk.

Peppermint oilsay what? Yep, it’s good for calming the nerves and it’s also great for increasing the fullness of the lips (it tastes good too). How it achieves this is by irritating the lips just enough for them to swell up a little giving a temporary color rush without any serious damage or harm. Dab it on, feel the tingle and enjoy plumpilicious lips.

Capsicum – the stuff which adds the kick to red peppers is also available in oil form which is a great way to improve circulation and blood flow. Dab a little (not too much) onto the lips and watch them plump up for added allure.

Makeup tricks – a simple makeup trick can help your lips to appear more voluminous. Simply spot a little highlighter onto your cupids bow and lashings of lip balm to shimmer in the center of the bottom lip. This shimmering reflects the light and makes lips appear to be larger than they really are.

Another makeup tip – if you want luscious lips like Angelina Jolie why not follow her example. All you need is a good quality lipstick, a lip liner and some gloss. Pink toned lipsticks are the key to this secret and using a lip liner which is a little darker than the lipstick, put plenty of shiny lip gloss over the top and you’ve got it – plump looking lips Angelina Jolie would be proud of.

Smile, grin and pucker – it can really help. These simple lip exercises are just the thing to plump them up so get your lips moving. Whether you’re smiling, blowing a kiss or grinning from ear to ear just get those lips moving.

Massage – many of us treat ourselves to a relaxing massage and spa treatment for the rest of our bodies so why not our lips. Take a little lip balm and give your lips a massage, it can help to give them added lift and volume.

Give them a brush – we all religiously clean our teeth at least twice daily but concentrate only on the inside of our mouths – how about giving a little of that action to the exterior and the lips? If you give your lips a light brushing over it will increase the flow of blood which will make them look fuller. Okay, so it’s only temporary but every little helps you know.

Improving the circulation – as you may have gathered by now, the bottom line on increasing your lips for added fullness and volume is all about circulation. Following on from this theory any substance that helps to improve the circulation will naturally help you to plumper lips. One fabulous ingredient which does just that is cinnamon essential oil – dab a little onto the lips and gently smooth using circular motions. Not only will your lips have added volume and kissability but they’ll also have a fabulous aroma throughout the day.

Most professional makeup cases have plenty of space to add one or more of these products so that you can easily incorporate them into your daily makeup routine. Check out the choices at http://thesalonoutlet.com and you’ll see what I mean.